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Birthday Coming Up .

I don’t know what you guys are making .  But I’m thankful for it already .

I don’t care about having a lot of fans .  I have quality in my supporters .  

Whatever number you are now, is all i need .  Thanks for showing me how my life can be appreciated .  I appreciate all the time you put aside from your daily lives, just tosay something nice to me .  

I never cuss on social media but ..


. ryan

I only had one girl in my sniper sight .  And I took the shot .

I only had one girl in my sniper sight .  And I took the shot .

Dead .

Dead .

This is the music track that I put together for the Quest Crew segment of the LMFAO American Tour .  I wanted to share it with anybody who appreciates our Quest mixes .  Click the link to download, and have fun creating cool projects with it !  

ryans .

ryans .


Sorry if this is late but better late than never, right?

April 11, 2012

One of the best days of my life. I got to see one of my favorite singers of all time and also my number 1 favorite dance crew in the world! I had a blast! even though we were far away, it still felt like you were just right in front of them. I couldn’t believe I got to watch them live. these were one of the occassions I thought would never happen to me. And when it did, it felt so surreal. And seeing Quest crew live as well was just AMAZING and PHENOMENAL. And seeing Ryan do his coin drop and heaspin was asdfghjkl. Words couldn’t describe how I felt and plus they were with LMFAO! ahhhh! Anyway these were of the memories I will cherish forever!